GENERICO.ruSportThe former president of Spartak supported Slutsky, who was suspended from football

The former president of Spartak supported Slutsky, who was suspended from football

MOSCOW, September 14, Svetlana Bonopartova. Ethics Committee of the Russian The Football Union (RFU) should not have punished the former head coach of Rubin Kazan and the Russian national football team Leonid Slutsky for words addressed to a journalist, said the former president of Spartak Moscow Andrei Chervichenko.
On Thursday, the RFU Ethics Committee fined Slutsky 100 thousand rubles and conditionally suspended him from football activities for one year for words addressed to journalist Vitaly Borodin. The Committee came to the conclusion that Slutsky’s behavior does not comply with the requirements of the eighth article of the RFU ethics regulations (“football entities need to evaluate their behavior, which may have a corresponding impact on the reputation of FIFA, UEFA, RFU and therefore such entities must behave with dignity, ethically, respectfully Anytime”).
“It’s strange for me when a person who does not practice football is fined, and even more strange when they fine him for telling the truth. In my understanding, the journalist decided to promote himself and advertise himself by inconveniencing (Artem) Dzyuba and Slutsky. I think that Dzyuba answered the journalist absolutely correctly. He was neither in the mixed zone nor in the stadium bowl. That means he turned into an ordinary person. And an ordinary person can stick an iPhone anywhere and say whatever he wants. I think they should not have been punished at all,” – said Chervichenko.
“Of course, there are normal football players, and there are morons. The same goes for journalists: there are absolutely adequate ones, and there are those who are trying to make a name for themselves on the merits of others. No one knew this journalist, and even after this they will not know him the same number of years,” concluded the agency’s interlocutor.

On August 12, “Lokomotiv” played a draw with the Samara “Wings of the Soviets” (1:1) in the match of the fourth round of the Russian championship. After the game, railway striker Artem Dzyuba came into conflict with journalist Vitaly Borodin, promising to “put his phone in one place” if he approached him again. Based on the results of the incident, the RFU CDC decided to suspend Dzyuba for two matches and fine him 50 thousand rubles. Slutsky, commenting on the episode on the YouTube channel “Comment.Show”, called the journalist a “19-year-old moron.”


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