GENERICO.ruWorldTwo trains collided in the Czech Republic, there were injuries

Two trains collided in the Czech Republic, there were injuries

PRAGUE, September 14 Passenger and freight trains collided on Thursday in the area of ​​the Czech city of Mlada Boleslav (in the north-west of the country), three people were slightly injured, ambulance spokeswoman Monika Novakova told reporters.
“”Not far from the city of Mlada Boleslav on Thursday afternoon, a passenger and freight train collided. Apparently, the driver of the passenger train did not notice the stop sign and drove towards the freight train. There were 37 people on the passenger train, three of them were slightly injured, all of them were provided with the necessary assistance by doctors, after which they were taken to one of the hospitals in the city of Mlada Boleslav,” Novakova said.
In turn, the representative of the railway department Dusan Gavenda told reporters that traffic on the local highway Mlada Boleslav – Nymburk was stopped until approximately 22.00 (23.00 Moscow time), additional buses were introduced on the highway. The police and railway workers began to investigate the causes of the incident.


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