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A court in Kursk fined a nurse because of voice messages about the graves of soldiers killed in Ukraine, which “you can safely go piss on”

The Leninsky District Court of Kursk fined local nurse Yulia Gladilina 40 thousand rubles under a protocol on “discrediting” the army (Part 1 of Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code). This was reported by the press service of the regional courts.

Attached to the release is a video from the telegram channel “KURSKY BOMOND”, in which a woman with a blurred face, represented by Yulia Gladilina, says that she “made a big mistake” by chatting on social networks on June 15. According to the Kuryan woman, she “was in a stressful situation” and “insulted the North Military District,” but now supports the invasion of Ukraine.

A few posts higher in the same telegram channel, personal photographs of Gladilina and a video of screen capture with the woman’s voice messages sent to a telegram chat for 45 people were published. In voice messages, the user of the account “Maria Wolf” talks about the “two-faced” military men who went to “kill and rape Khokhlyak children.” The woman continues, “you can safely go and piss on the graves of the dead.”

A separate voice message is dedicated to military personnel who returned from war with injuries. “Maria Wolf” calls them “dandruff,” “scratchers,” and “fuckers,” adding that she “hates” them. According to the authors of KURSK BOMOD, nurse Yulia Gladilina was hiding under the nickname “Maria Wolf”.

This is not the first known case of a fine for messages about the war in Ukraine in instant messenger chats. Last Tuesday, September 12, it became known that a student from Krasnoyarsk was fined 45 thousand rubles for a video in support of Ukraine, which was posted on the city’s telegram channel. And in April, a resident of an Altai village was fined 30 thousand rubles because of a “negative” voice message about the war on WhatsApp.


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