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Colleagues spoke about the past of pilot Kuzminov, who hijacked an Mi-8 to Ukraine

Colleagues spoke about the past of the pilot Kuzminov, who hijacked the Mi-8 to Ukraine

Baza published a large material dedicated to the 28-year-old pilot of the Russian Armed Forces Maxim Kuzminov, who flew a Mi-8 military helicopter to Ukraine. The publication says that journalists were able to talk with his colleagues and other acquaintances and get from them characteristics of his personality.

As follows from the publication, Kuzminov’s classmates at the Syzran Higher Military Aviation School describe him as a “typical athlete” who “started up at the drop of a hat,” was “very fussy,” but at the same time did not show any oddities. According to classmates, he “didn’t stand out in any way academically,” but “always wanted to fly,” and overall he was an “ordinary guy.” The teachers also reportedly did not notice anything unusual about the cadet.

Kuzminov’s colleagues at the base in Chernigovka in the Far East gave a similar description of the “calm guy.” Also, some Baza sources stated that the pilot asked not to give him “anything serious” and wanted to do more “peaceful tasks” like transporting cargo. Some interlocutors of the publication believe that Kuzminov was simply afraid for his life, others – that this was due to his “moral and psychological considerations.”

Baza cites the opinion of a close friend of Kuzminov, who stated that he was “afraid of dying” because “many of his comrades died before his eyes.” It is also alleged that Kuzminov even before the SVO wanted to leave the army, but the contract had to be completed. The same named friend stated that six months before the hijacking of the helicopter, Kuzminov allegedly told his fiancee that he would soon earn a lot of money, but the girl did not pay attention to this and, allegedly, did not know about his plans.

As for Kuzminov’s political views, some Baza sources claim that he has never spoken out either for or against the SVO. Others said that he allegedly admitted that he was afraid of being captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. One of his friends said that Kuzminov joined the army to fly, but never wanted to take part in hostilities.

“The hijacking of the Mi-8 was called a betrayal by all of Maxim’s colleagues and acquaintances interviewed by the Base,” they say. in the Baza publication. Among others, the following quote is given: “Not only did he betray his homeland, he, most importantly, betrayed his crew.”

During the recent press conference that Kuzminov gave after ferrying the helicopter to the Ukrainian Armed Forces position, it was announced that the other two Mi-8 crew members were unaware of the secret plan. It was alleged that after landing they resisted and were possibly killed. There is no official information about the fate of the pilots.

Baza also writes that Kuzminov’s mother left Russia at the beginning of the year, without explaining anything to her relatives and employer. Sources claim that from the very beginning the woman “categorically did not support” the actions of the Russian authorities and was worried about the SVO, and also suggest that she could have been the initiator of the plan to transfer her son to the APU.


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