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Orban called Ukrainian grain an American product

BUDAPEST, September 15 The so-called “Ukrainian grain” has already has long been an American commercial product, since it is grown on lands owned by US companies, so Brussels is defending American interests by not extending the ban on grain imports to EU countries bordering Ukraine, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
Speaking on Radio Kossuth, the Hungarian Prime Minister noted that Brussels does not yet want to extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain to border countries.

“Brussels is simply not ready to take the side of the member countries and Europeans, but defends completely different interests, including in relation to this grain – not European, not Romanian, not Hungarian, not Slovak, but rather American “, Orbán said.

According to him, “what we call Ukrainian grain, of course, is no longer Ukrainian grain, but a commercial product grown on territory, probably owned by the Americans.”
The moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, which was in force in Ukraine for 20 years, was officially lifted in July 2021. The authorities expected that the economic impact of the launch of the land market could reach several billion dollars in the first five years.


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