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Orban said he was angry with Ukraine because of the increase in oil transit fees

BUDAPEST, September 15Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Radio Kossuth that he is angry with Ukrainian companies that are raising fees for the transit of Russian oil, which is why inflation is growing in Hungary, but the “unfortunate” Ukrainians are fighting without money and almost without weapons, so they are forced ask for money everywhere.
“The Ukrainians are increasing fees for the transit of oil needed for gasoline, we are forced to buy fuel at a price 3.5 times higher. According to quick calculations, this is 48 billion forints (125 million euros) more,” Orban said.

He noted that Hungarian companies were forced to raise gasoline prices, which led to an increase in inflation of 0.5% in recent months.

The Hungarian Prime Minister said that he has “contradictory feelings” in this situation: on the one hand, he is “angry” because of the worsening financial situation of the Hungarians, and on the other hand, “the unfortunate Ukrainians” they fight “without money and barely having weapons,” while moving “not towards peace, but towards the continuation of the war.”
At the same time, Orban emphasized that the EU has already allocated more than 730 million euros to Ukraine over a year and a half, which, along with erroneous anti-Russian sanctions, has seriously worsened the economic situation in Europe.
According to him, “the decisive instruments are in the hands of the United States” and much will depend on the presidential elections in the country. “In my opinion, America has not yet decided what the current president wants to go to the elections with, a program for further continuation of the Ukrainian war with the support of the West, or the political success of its completion,” Orban added.
Earlier, Orban noted that Kyiv is asking for help in a peculiar way, not showing decency, but using moral blackmail.

The Prime Minister of Hungary has previously repeatedly stated that peace in Ukraine will come when the United States wants it. According to him, the whole world is wondering why Washington does not want this.
Orban also previously said that Europe is not yet ready to change its position regarding the conflict in Ukraine and sanctions, but the “moment of truth” will come because current policies are destroying the European economy and security. According to him, the population of Europe strives for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, so governments that are heavily involved in the conflict, supplying money and weapons to Kiev, will be replaced following the election results.


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