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“Urban” versions of the Tank 300 frame SUV enter the Russian market

The City Adventure and City Premium trim levels received the Torque-on-Demand intelligent all-wheel drive system.

The Chinese “all-terrain” brand Tank, which appeared in 2021, belongs to the Great Wall concern. It became known that it was entering the Russian market in the fall of 2022; the presentation took place in December. The first-born of the brand in the Russian Federation was the Tank 300 frame SUV; orders were accepted in February 2023. By the way, the correspondent has already tested the “three hundredth” in action. Now the local representative office reports that the model line has been replenished with a couple of new versions with the City prefix.

In the photo: Tank 300 presented in the Russian Federation

The Tank 300 is now offered in the Russian Federation in versions – City Adventure and City Premium, both of which received Torque-on-Demand intelligent all-wheel drive (the same scheme is implemented in the Tank 500). This system uses sensors to analyze the road surface and the condition of the vehicle: depending on the conditions, torque is distributed to the front and rear axles automatically. In the case of uniform movement in a straight line, 97% of the traction falls on the rear wheels, and with sharp acceleration, slipping, or driving on a slippery surface, the torque can be distributed in a ratio of 46:54.

It should be noted that the “regular” Adventure and Premium versions of the SUV already sold in the Russian Federation are equipped with a Part-time 4WD system (that is, hard-wired all-wheel drive): it involves a scheme in which torque is distributed to the wheels using a transfer case, which is manually controlled by the driver; when choosing the type of drive, it is guided by road conditions (this system is suitable for driving in off-road conditions).

In the photo: the interior of the presented in Russia Tank 300

All versions of the Tank 300 offered on the Russian market, including the new ones, have a petrol in-line turbo-four under the hood, the output of which is 220 hp and the maximum torque is 380 Nm. This engine is paired with an alternative eight-speed automatic transmission. City versions on the puck have only two modes: AWD all-wheel drive and 4L low-range mode.

On photo: central tunnel of Tank 300 with City addition

The City Adventure and City Premium trim levels can be distinguished from other versions by the interior, since the center console has a different set of buttons: controls for locking the front and rear differentials are located here, and the unit responsible for heating and ventilating the seats has moved closer to the driver and front passenger . The list of available driving modes includes the new Eco, as well as Mud, Sand, Sport, Snow and Standard.

SUVs with the City addition also received additional functions, the list of which includes wireless charging of smartphones, the function of opening and closing all four side windows with one touch, as well as automatic dimming of the interior rear-view mirror. For the City Premium version, the list of equipment includes blind spot monitoring.

The list also includes a function door open warnings, a collision avoidance system when passing through intersections, a traffic jam assistant, a warning function when reversing, as well as emergency lane keeping.

New versions to Russian dealership centers Tank 300 will begin to arrive after September 15th. The recommended retail price for the City Adventure version starts at 4,249,000 rubles, and the price for City Premium is no less than 4,699,000 rubles. For previously presented SUV configurations they are asking for at least 4,099,000 rubles.


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