GENERICO.ruRussiaA pensioner from Verkhniy Tagil was arrested for ten days because of posts on VKontakte.

A pensioner from Verkhniy Tagil was arrested for ten days because of posts on VKontakte.

The Kirovgrad City Court of the Sverdlovsk Region arrested Svetlana Makhnorylova, a pensioner from Verkhny Tagil, for ten days because of several posts on VKontakte, lawyer Roman Kachanov told Vechernie Vedomosti.

The court found Makhnorylova guilty under the protocol of inciting hatred (Article 20.3.1 of the Administrative Code). The reason for the arrest of the pensioner was publications on VKontakte for the years 2020–2023.

Employees of Center “E,” Kachanov noted, ordered an examination, which showed that the pensioner’s posts contained “signs of humiliation of human dignity and incitement to hatred based on nationality or religion (in relation to Russians, non-Russians, Jews, Christians, Jews)”. Makhnorylova’s lawyer did not specify which specific texts the court considered inciting hatred.

As the pensioner herself told Vecherniye Vedomosti, this is the fourth administrative protocol that has been drawn up against her over the past six months. In May and August, according to data from the database of the Kirovgrad City Court, the pensioner was twice fined 2 thousand rubles under the protocol on the demonstration of Nazi symbols because of posts with photographs of Adolf Hitler and an image of a swastika (Part 1 of Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code).

In addition, in the summer, a pensioner was fined 30 thousand rubles under the protocol on “discrediting” the army (Part 1 of Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences) because of the comments “Don’t dishonor your grandfathers, marked traitors to Russia with prisoners!” and “Everything is going according to their Zion plan, extermination of morons at their own expense. When the refushka morons end, then the war will end! Smart people will not fight with the fraternal people!”, as well as a video with the title “What he is doing is idiocy! Russia openly opposed Putin’s actions in Ukraine.”


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