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The wife of a Tambov activist who left Russia, against whom a case was opened because of his white-blue-white avatar, was issued 14 summonses for questioning

In Tambov, investigator Alexander Krotov issued 14 summonses for questioning to Ekaterina Logvinova, the wife of activist Andrei Polyakov, who left Russia, and a criminal case was opened against him for repeated demonstrations of extremist symbols. Logvinova and her defender Vladimir Zhilkin told the publication “Hard Sign” about this.

Logvinova and the human rights activist became aware of the initiation of a case against Polyakov yesterday, when the woman was summoned for the first interrogation at the Investigative Committee. The reason for the persecution of the activist was an avatar with white-blue-whitewith a heart in his telegram (Article 282.4 of the Criminal Code). A case under this article can be opened if a person has already been found guilty under a similar administrative protocol for displaying extremist symbols (Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code).

In June, as “Hard Sign” wrote, Polyakov was detained and a report was drawn up against him for distributing extremist materials (Article 20.29 of the Administrative Code) because of the same avatar. In early August, he left for Georgia, fearing persecution. On the website of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Tambov there is only one decision concerning Polyakov – in May he was fined 30 thousand rubles under the protocol on “discrediting” the army (Part 1 of Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code). The reason for this was the repost of an article by politician Alexei Navalny on VKontakte.

During interrogation by the Investigative Committee, Logvinova refused to testify against her husband, using Article 51 of the Constitution. According to the activist’s wife, after this investigator Krotov began to “put pressure” on her, for example, saying that her husband would be put on the international wanted list. Krotov also noted that Polyakov recently posted a video in which he insults him. “He is very offended; He also said that his grandfather fought, received orders, and after that real revenge began: Alexander Sergeevich Krotov issued 14 summonses to me,” Logvinova said.

“Ekaterina now, instead of working and caring for her two minor children, has to go to the investigator until she renounces Article 51,” wrote human rights activist Vladimir Zhilkin in his Telegram channel.

Today, according to Zhilkin, Krotov interrogated Logvinova for the second time and “openly promised to continue to ignore the right exercised by Logvinova’s witness,” and then confiscated her phone and threatened to search her. In addition, the human rights activist reported, the investigator said that “his superiors gave him a good time for the oppositionist Polyakov’s departure from Russia,” so now he is “particularly close to the case.”


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