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Trump commented on inconsistencies in Biden's statements

WASHINGTON, September 17 All statements by US President Joe Biden are similar to lies, said former head of state Donald Trump, commenting on inconsistencies in the speeches of the current American leader.
“Everything he says sounds like a lie. It's terrible,” Trump said in an interview with NBC News.
As confirmation, the ex-president pointed to Biden's recollections that he was at the World Trade Center buildings in New York destroyed by terrorists the day after the attacks.

Previously, Biden was caught lying about his trip to New York after the September 11 terrorist attacks. On the next anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the US President met with the military and made a statement in Alaska, saying that the day after the terrorist attacks he was at the Twin Towers and the view seemed to him “as if you were looking through the gates of hell.” In fact, on September 12, 2001, Biden was in Washington and spoke at a special session of the Senate.

Before this, journalists criticized the US President for repeating the story of a fire in his house in 2004: Biden says that he almost lost his home and property, although the media reported only a small fire.


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