GENERICO.ruRussiaAn installation with the letter Z was set on fire in Belgorod at night

An installation with the letter Z was set on fire in Belgorod at night

In Belgorod, a light installation with the letter Z and a border in the colors of the St. George's ribbon was set on fire at night. This was announced by the mayor of the city Valentin Demidov.

According to his information, the structure located near Vatutina Avenue was set on fire at about 0:29 minutes local time. According to the head of Belgorod, the installation was “virtually undamaged” – the fire was extinguished by the driver of a passing car.

Telegram channel “Belgorod No. 1” published a video in which a man in white pants and a black jacket approaches the structure, after which it lights up. Then several cars drive up to the installation, whose drivers extinguish it until firefighters arrive.

In March, a court in Yaroslavl sentenced a man to a suspended sentence of one and a half years in prison in the case of setting fire to a banner with the letter Z on the facade of a local officers' house.

Updated at 10:30. Added video from external surveillance cameras published by the telegram channel “Belgorod No. 1”.

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