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Chinese electric sedan BYD Han barely passed the “moose test”

The Chinese BYD Han sedan offered on the Russian car market failed the “moose test”. Experts tested the Chinese BYD Han electric car, which was challenged with the “moose test.”

During the races, the car must suddenly change lanes — like when you meet an animal on the road — into the adjacent lane and return back to your lane. The Chinese electric car failed to perform such a maneuver at a speed of 77 km/h, and in general its behavior was even described by experts as dangerous.

Interestingly, the BYD Han EV is equipped with two electric motors, providing it with full drive, with a combined output of 517 hp. In the best attempt, the electric car was able to stay in the corridor of cones at a speed of only 70 km/h, which is not considered a passing indicator for the “moose test”.

In addition, the behavior of the electric sedan in the presented test, as well as on the slalom, it was quite nervous, and therefore experts nicknamed the model “crazy horse”. In general, the verdict is this: it will be difficult for an inexperienced motorist to cope with an electric car in an emergency situation. This means that BYD Han EV receives a low rating from experts.


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