GENERICO.ruScienceIn Novgorod they started creating a “smart traffic light”

In Novgorod they started creating a “smart traffic light”

VELIKY NOVGOROD, September 18The Novgorod company has begun creating a “smart traffic light” together with residents of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center “Intelligent Electronics – Valdai”, the press service reports Novgorod State University.
“The Novgorod company Atlas, together with residents of the Valdai Institute of Technology and Technology, has begun developing the Smart Traffic Light system,” the press service clarifies.

It is noted that information will be collected and analyzed over the course of several months. Currently, data on the road situation is coming from Lomonosov, Nekhinskaya and Bolshaya Moskovskaya streets. The information received will allow us to understand how to regulate the management process traffic lights on the roads.

The system will not completely eliminate road congestion, but will affect traffic capacity.
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