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The Teledroid robot for experiments in space will be assembled in 2024

MOSCOW, September 18 The first working sample of the Russian Teledroid robot, intended for conducting experiments in space, will be assembled in early 2024, the managing director of the NPO Android Technology said in an interview. – robot developer company – Evgeniy Dudorov.
“According to our plans, at the beginning of next year we should already have assembled the first working prototype of the Teledroid. We are not talking about some kind of prototype, but about a full-fledged robot with standard electronics capable of operating in outer space,” he said .
According to Dudorov, Android Technology has completed the design of the Teledroid, and individual components of the robot are being tested at specialized stands. We are talking, in particular, about tests for resistance to vibration and radiation, as well as thermal and vacuum tests.

The agency's interlocutor noted that, according to preliminary plans, the Teledroid will have to fly to the ISS at the turn of 2024-2025, the exact date will still be adjusted according to the schedule of flights of transport ships to the space station and the timing of operator training Teledroid on Earth.

Dudorov recalled that at the first stage of work, the Teledroid will function in “avatar” mode, duplicating the movements of an operator located on Earth or the ISS. The second stage is semi-automatic, when the robot itself will be able to recognize objects of interaction and, at a certain resolution, will work with them.
The “Teledroid” will look like a human torso. It will use technologies tested in the Fedora robot, which went into orbit in 2019.


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