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A court in Moscow sentenced a hearing-impaired person to 5 years probation in a case of unauthorized abandonment of a unit

The 235th Garrison Military Court of Moscow sentenced 29-year-old Mekhroj Khaidarov, who is disabled due to hearing loss, to five years of suspended imprisonment in the case of unauthorized abandonment of his unit during the period of mobilization, the Military Lawyers telegram channel reports.

Khaidarov was sentenced on September 12. In addition to the suspended imprisonment, Judge Evgeniy Kashirin appointed the young man four years of probation (Part 5 of Article 337 of the Criminal Code).

In the fall of 2022, Khaidarov from the village of Linevo near Volgograd came to Lyubertsy near Moscow to visit relatives. On October 22, when Khaidarov was walking past the Lyubertsy military registration and enlistment office, a traffic police inspector stopped him and asked him to show his documents. Khaidarov had a passport with him, as well as a military ID, which indicated diagnosis N-90-3.

The employee said that mobilization had been announced in the country, so Khaidarov would have to go to the military registration and enlistment office. There the young man was met by an officer and taken to an office where there were four other men. Khaidarov told them that he was a full-time student with the right to a deferment and a Group III disabled person. He was told that the diagnosis needed to be confirmed at a military hospital.

“The employees were talking, looking at me, asking something, but I didn’t understand anything, I just smiled and nodded my head in agreement. They, it seems to me, noticed that I didn’t understand anything and began to laugh,” Khaidarov told Mediazona.

At the same time, the young man was given documents; Khaidarov recalled that he was very worried, put a date on them and signed them, and on one of the sheets he wrote down several sentences from dictation. He believed that he was signing a referral for a medical examination. However, after that, Khaidarov’s phone was taken away and taken to a military unit in Naro-Fominsk.

Khaidarov called his parents from someone else's phone. Then his father came to Naro-Fominsk to get his son a referral to the VVK. At the hospital, the original medical documents were demanded from Khaidarov; as a result, the young man returned to the military unit, collected his things in the barracks and went home to the Volgograd region.

“I had the direction in my hands. I showed it to the checkpoint and they just let me go. Nobody stopped me, there was no escape. They just let me through, that’s all,” said the young man. In March, Khaidarov again came to Lyubertsy to visit his relatives and was detained at the station. Then he learned that a criminal case had been opened against him.

As the telegram channel “Military Lawyers” writes, in court Khaidarov fully admitted his guilt and repented. The court considered that Khaidarov had two brothers with disabilities as a mitigating circumstance. Separately, the court highlighted the command's petition, which asked for leniency.

1 Article“I didn’t understand anything, I just smiled and nodded.” The hearing impaired person signed what was dictated at the military registration and enlistment office – now he faces up to 10 years for AWOL


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