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Drivers in the Russian Federation were warned about the dangers of wearing contact lenses while driving

By law, drivers with low vision have the right to drive a car provided they wear glasses or contact lenses that improve their vision. The driver's vision condition is assessed during a medical examination, and if the doctor reveals any violations, this is reflected in the medical certificate. Later, in the corresponding section of the driver's license, an entry is made about the need to use glasses or lenses.

Despite the fact that traffic police inspectors usually do not pay attention to this entry, many drivers with poor vision prefer contact glasses lenses for glasses. However, if for any reason the inspector decides to create problems for such a driver or tries to extort a bribe, he has a legal basis for this.

According to Article 25 of the Law of the Russian Federation, O  road safety”, if a driver whose license requires the use of glasses or lenses drives a car without them, his driver’s license is considered invalid. The driver will be fined under Article 12.17 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, and he may be prohibited from driving the car, which may also be sent to the impound lot. If the car does not officially belong to the driver, then the owner will also be fined.

The inspector may claim that he does not see lenses in the driver’s eyes, even if they demonstrate them. To reduce risks, it's always best to have glasses with you, even if you usually wear contacts. If the inspector objects to the lenses, you can wear glasses on the spot to avoid having your car confiscated and paying a fine. It is important to remember that in such a situation it is almost impossible to prove visual acuity, so it is better to prepare in advance.


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