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Konstantinov said that Crimea was stolen from Russia in 1954

SIMFEROPOL, September 18 The working group came to conclusion about the illegality of the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian USSR in 1954, the peninsula was stolen from Russia, said the head of the republic’s parliament, co-chairman of the working group Vladimir Konstantinov in the Telegram channel.
Previously, he instructed a specially formed working group under the Crimean parliament to prepare an appeal to the Constitutional Court of Russia to recognize as illegitimate the 1954 decree on the transfer of the peninsula from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR.

“”In our opinion, the court must prove that in 1954 the laws and the Constitution of the USSR were violated. Why was this done illegally? Because it would not have worked in a legal way. In the USSR, the issue of borders was one of the unshakable ones. If this issue had been brought to public view, it would not have been resolved. Therefore, everything was done behind the scenes. Crimea was stolen from Russia,” Konstantinov wrote.
According to him, then no one asked the opinion of the Crimeans either.
“”There was no referendum on whether we want to be part of Ukraine. Thus, against our will, we found ourselves in an environment alien to us. Plus with the threat of the destruction of everything Russian. As we see it, the issue of a legal verdict will strengthen our position in negotiations with the West, which sooner or later will take place anyway. And for the international community, the issue of canceling the illegal decision will have quite a tangible resonance,” the head of parliament emphasized.
According to him, the repeal of the 1954 decree will be the restoration of historical justice.
“”We are convinced, based on what we know about the transfer of the peninsula to the Ukrainian SSR, that no legality was observed in this process. So with this we are going to court in order to prove our conviction in the trial and obtain a legal verdict, which will confirm our rightness… We found ourselves in Ukraine illegally. And this thesis, obvious to us, must be proven,” Konstantinov said, adding that from a moral point of view, the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR was an “obvious abomination”, no matter how they tried to justify it .


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