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Lyubimova called Nikolai Dobronravov’s talent unique

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MOSCOW, September 17 Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova expressed condolences on the death of songwriter Nikolai Dobronravov, noting that his poems are imbued with warmth and sincerity, teach us to be brave and faithful, to love and protect.
Songwriter, husband of composer Alexandra Pakhmutova Nikolai Dobronravov died at the age of 95.
“With great sadness I learned that the outstanding songwriter Nikolai Dobronravov had passed away. The unique talent of Nikolai Nikolaevich gave several generations of Soviet and Russian listeners wonderful poems, which, together with the music of Alexandra Pakhmutova, became popularly loved songs. These works are imbued with warmth, sincerity and extraordinary lyricism,” Lyubimova wrote in her Telegram channel.

Lyubimova also expressed sincere words of sympathy and support for Alexandra Pakhmutova, noting that their duet with Nikolai Dobronravov became an example of an incredible creative and family union.

“Each of us knows the lines of the compositions “Tenderness”, “Hope”, “How young we were” and many others.” His creative legacy consists of hundreds of amazing songs on which entire generations grew up and were brought up. These lines and this music accompany us in joyful moments of life and support us in moments of sadness, teach us to be brave and faithful, teach us to love and protect,” added Lyubimova.

Soviet and Russian songwriter, laureate of the State USSR Prize Nikolai Dobronravov was born on November 22, 1928. He wrote poems for many songs that became popular, including “Our Youth Team”, “Hope”, “Tenderness”, “Bird of Happiness”, “A Coward Doesn’t Play Hockey” and others.


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