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Genesis celebrated one million sales and announced a restyled GV80, a cross-coupe and a new model

The refreshed flagship SUV and its coupe-like version will definitely be presented this year, but the brand is still intriguing with the third new product: it’s not even known , what kind of model it will be.

The premium brand Genesis, owned by Hyundai, announced that the total sales of its cars have exceeded the million mark. More precisely, as of the end of August, 1,008,804 units were sold worldwide: of this amount, 690,177 units were sold in their native Korea.

Recall that the Genesis brand was launched in 2015, it was conceived as a response to the German Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The first-born of the Korean premium was the large sedan EQ900, which was later renamed the G90. Today, in addition to the “nineties,” the range includes the four-door G70 and G80, the G70 Shooting Brake station wagon, the GV60 electric SUV, the GV70 and GV80 crossovers, as well as the electric versions of the G80 and GV70.

Current Genesis G90

As Genesis noted, at the moment, in addition to Korea, the brand is present in the USA, Australia, China, and Europe and in the Middle East: a total of 17 markets. By the way, before the start of the well-known events, Russia was also included in the list, and our Genesises appeared much earlier than, for example, in the Old World or the Celestial Empire: the brand began to develop these regions only in 2021.

Genesis G80 1/2 Genesis GV70 2/2

Genesis' most popular model today is the G80 sedan, which has sold 390,738 units (including the electric version) since its debut in 2016. It is curious that it was this four-door that gave the brand its name: it was originally called Hyundai Genesis, then the model was restyled, and in this form it became the Genesis G80. And the sedan entered its second generation in 2020. Second place in the brand's personal standings is occupied by the Genesis GV80 crossover (173,882 units sold worldwide), and third place by the GV70 crossover (160,965 units).

The current Genesis GV80

In its release, Genesis not only boasted of its achievements, but also announced three new products. Thus, by the end of this year they will present the restyled GV80 crossover (the model has been in service since 2020) and its coupe-shaped version. Both crosses have already been caught by spies – albeit in camouflage. However, Genesis previously hinted at how the “coupe” would turn out: back in April, the GV80 Coupe concept was shown in the States. Well, and, most likely, some of the design solutions will be transferred to the modernized “traditional” SUV.

Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept 1/2 Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept 2/2

The brand has not yet revealed the third upcoming model. It was only announced that the premiere will take place “in the near future” and that it will be “a new model in a completely new segment.” It is possible that a full-fledged passenger coupe is being prepared for its debut, embodying the features of the so-called X-series show cars: these are the X Concept, X Speedium Coupe Concept and X Convertible Concept.

Genesis X Concept 1/4 Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept 2/4 Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept 3/4 Genesis X Convertible Concept 4/4

Meanwhile, from 2025 all new Genesis models will be fully electric.


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