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SKA beat CSKA. Rotenberg was saved by star newcomers

The start of the new KHL season has already given us a number of key confrontations for Russian hockey, and with the onset of the second month of the championship, the time has come for another fundamental battle. This time – in the literal sense of the expression. Another army club, St. Petersburg SKA, came to visit the capital CSKA. The battles between the two army clubs are accumulating more and more hostility and insolence from year to year. This is especially true for SKA. For the St. Petersburgers, it is a matter of principle to punish the opponent, who since 2018 has not allowed them further than the Western final.
The first face-to-face meeting of the army team in the new season, even before the opening face-off, acquired several additional storylines. Firstly, this concerns the performances of both teams in the current regular season. Both the team of Sergei Fedorov and the team of Roman Rotenberg started very unsuccessfully: at one time both clubs were completely outside the top 8 of the Western Conference. But subsequently CSKA and SKA began to slowly emerge from the crisis.
After five defeats in a row, SKA went on a winning streak of four matches, successfully closing the trip to the Far East, but before the trip to Moscow suffered setbacks in Adler and Minsk. CSKA lost in the first 7 matches out of 11, which led to a wave of rumors in various Telegram channels about a certain “deadline” just before the match with St. Petersburg. Whether they concerned Sergei Fedorov and his coaching chair or other decisions of the club, no one understood. But CSKA reacted brightly – 3 wins in 3 matches with a total score of 20:2.

Secondly, the goalkeeper duel came to the fore. On the part of CSKA, the main character became Ivan Fedotov, around whom there is ongoing talk about a contract with the Moscow army team and dissatisfaction from representatives of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF). SKA made a big transfer the day before, acquiring Nikita Serebryakov from Admiral. On the eve of the match, Nikita held a couple of training sessions with the new team, and everyone had the question in their heads: “Will he play against CSKA? Or will Roman Rotenberg hold off on his debut for another game?” After the game, Nikita admitted that he knew about his debut in the match against CSKA even before moving from Vladivostok. It is symbolic that Fedotov and Serebryakov are the best goalkeepers of the last two KHL seasons, respectively. And both tried on the role of the main characters of the match. Both on the positive side and on the negative side.

Both Fedotov and Serebryakov made a number of bright and truly important saves. Although the SKA newcomer had a little more work. In the second period, CSKA took the initiative into its own hands and mercilessly shot at the possessions of the St. Petersburgers. For several minutes, Serebryakov successfully entered the game every now and then, putting an end to the jokes directed at himself for his failure at the beginning of the match.

It consisted of a “dry” streak that was interrupted in a matter of seconds in the confrontation with the capital’s army men. Before the starting face-off took place, already in the 40th second of the match Serebryakov pulled the puck out of the goal after a throw by Vladislav Kamenev. The home team's forward caught the rebound in time and, after finishing, shot away SKA's possessions from the left throw-in circle.
Serebryakov also failed in the opening of the second period. Less than two minutes from the start, Pavel Karnaukhov celebrated his goal. And his throw wasn’t all that impressive. But the SKA goalkeeper was disoriented for a moment, and this was enough to “miss” the flight of the puck. This is probably not the kind of debut he was counting on for the team from St. Petersburg.

Ivan Fedotov's performance in some episodes also did not work out. A few minutes after opening the scoring in the match, CSKA was sent off. The opponents needed only four seconds of the majority to respond with an effective action. Another star newcomer of the army team from the banks of the Neva, Arseny Gritsyuk, who is gradually adapting to Roman Rotenberg’s system, received a pass from Sergei Tolchinsky and fired from the right throw-in circle directly into the near corner. Fedotov did not have time to cover him.

In the second period, the situation repeated itself: CSKA conceded without having time to take the lead. But at this moment Fedotov was not to blame. Sergei Tolchinsky, after a stunning pass from Alexander Kadeikin, ran “one to zero” and skillfully beat the hosts’ goalkeeper, conveying his big greetings to his former club. For Sergei, matches against CSKA are special in their own way. Everyone remembers the famous chant with which he insulted the capital’s army club. CSKA fans for sure. The active fans of the team, who returned to the stands of the home arena of the “red-blues” promptly after Tolchinsky’s goal, made it clear to the hockey player how much they did not like him in these ranks.
Fedotov also did not help out Mikhail Vorobyov during a similar appearance on a date with him. The SKA forward scored a goal at the right time, giving the St. Petersburg team the lead for the first time in the match. It is all the more valuable for St. Petersburg that he scored while playing in the minority.

Otherwise, the game left mixed impressions. On the one hand, instead of bright top-level hockey, we saw an abundance of technical defects in the performance of both teams and a lack of impressive combinations. On the other hand, it was in vain to expect something like this. Keeping in mind the past battles of CSKA and SKA, it was worth being prepared for a large number of game skirmishes and power struggles, as well as an emphasis on emotions with sports aggression, when hockey players over and over again test the strength of not only their body parts (and how painful it was look at the players who once again caught pucks after cannon shots), but also glass at the boards. This is where it really sparkled.
Continental Hockey League (KHL)06 October 2023 • start at 19:00FinishedCSKARussia2 : 3< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/bdcb99a5d304d5a37168d8e057a8474c.png" />SCARossiya
00:40 • Vladislav Kamenev (Sergey Plotnikov, Konstantin Okulov)
21:23 • Pavel Karnaukhov (Yaroslav Dyblenko )
04:01 • Arseniy Gritsyuk (Sergei Tolchinsky, Alexander Kadeikin)
25:08 • Sergei Tolchinsky (Alexander Kadeikin, Mikhail Pashnin)
43:32 • Mikhail Vorobyov (Artem Sergeev)
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In the end, 3:2 – SKA took away the fundamentally important two points from Moscow with moral and strong-willed efforts and increased the lead in the head-to-head confrontation with CSKA. The 110th army derby in the history of the KHL remained with the St. Petersburgers, who now have 56 victories over the capital team with 54 defeats.


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