GENERICO.ruCrimeA woman in Khabarovsk successfully had a giant uterine fibroid removed

A woman in Khabarovsk successfully had a giant uterine fibroid removed

KHABAROVSK, October 9 Khabarovsk doctors removed a woman’s uterine tumor (fibroids) weighing six kilograms, the operation was completed successfully, reported the regional clinical hospital named after Professor Sergeev.
“The giant fibroid was removed by doctors from the Regional Clinical Hospital named after Professor S.I. Sergeev. The total weight of the excised tumor was six kilograms! The operation went without complications. The patient has recovered and has already been discharged from the hospital,” the statement says. press release.
According to the medical institution, the patient was admitted from the Solnechny district of the Khabarovsk Territory. Despite the fact that the internal pathology was obvious – over the past few years the size of the abdomen had noticeably increased, the woman did not seek medical help. The question of surgical intervention was firmly raised by local doctors when the patient decided to undergo a medical examination.

Uterine fibroids are a chronic disease in which single or multiple nodes form within the organ. If treatment is not started in time, removal of the pathology is only possible together with the affected organ.


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