GENERICO.ruSportZagitova celebrated her grandfather's 70th birthday in a T-shirt worth 50 thousand rubles

Zagitova celebrated her grandfather's 70th birthday in a T-shirt worth 50 thousand rubles

Alina Zagitova only recently returned to Moscow from Beijing, where she successfully took part in the Magic on ice ice show. Now the Olympic champion is visiting her native Izhevsk, and her reason for the visit is really serious – her grandfather’s anniversary. Sport tells how the holiday went in Alina Zagitova’s family.
The Zagitovs decided to celebrate the occasion not in a restaurant, but at home. It must be because no haute cuisine can compare with grandma’s echpochmaks – Alina once said in an interview that grandma cooks very tasty. Thanks to the homemade feast, the atmosphere turned out to be truly family and cozy. In the finale, grandfather even played the button accordion and sang.
On social networks, the figure skater published a video to the song “Where does childhood go”, as she sits on the floor and leafs through a family photo album. Not a single anniversary is complete without such memories. Here is very little Alina in a blue and white jumpsuit and big woolen socks. It’s cute that both the photo from 19 years ago and the recent video have the same carpet with roses in the center of the exhibition. And just try to say that there has never been such a carpet in your life.

In another photo, the future star of world figure skating and memes on T-shirts poses with a pacifier. In another photo, she is touching with her hairstyle in the form of two tiny ponytails on the top of her head.

Alina Zagitova has repeatedly emphasized how much she is attached to her family. How important it is for her to at least sometimes return to where it all began. Where she had a normal childhood, surrounded by loving family, playgrounds and toys.

It is difficult to recognize the future adult beauty in the baby without two front teeth in the photo. Its stylistic evolution is also very clear. At VK Fest, 21-year-old Alina can dress like an Instasamka – in a translucent jumpsuit with cutouts. And for the test skates of the Russian national team, as a presenter, she can choose the entire image from the Christian Dior brand. But you can’t come to visit your grandparents like that – the situation requires you to be more modest. By the way, as a child, Alina, as a child from the most ordinary family, wore ordinary clothes. Now even the seemingly modest black T-shirt with a checkered pocket, which she wore for a home party, is not just a T-shirt, but a $500 Burberry.
But otherwise, Zagitova looked very simple – no makeup or hair styling. Like a third-year student who came to visit her family on vacation after a successful exam.
It’s funny that while walking around Izhevsk, Alina took a photo with a star – that is, with her own photo on the Sports Walk of Fame. It is unlikely that she will stay in Izhevsk for a long time – on Wednesday the champion must perform at the opening ceremony of the Russian Grand Prix series in Ufa.
However, even a short return to the place of her childhood is very expensive. Gives a charge for new “inevitable” achievements. Because family is strength. “Appreciate and don’t forget your loved ones,” Zagitova wrote on her Telegram channel. She herself manages to firmly follow this attitude.


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