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Christmas trees predicted to rise in price by 10%

Psychologists advise “not to rush the New Year”

Some people can’t wait to start preparing for the New Year at the beginning of October – footage of allegedly already on sale New Year’s Eve has appeared in the media and social networks Christmas trees (artificial). MK decided to check: have they really started selling holiday tinsel? Is it normal to prepare for the holiday so early?

Psychologists advise “not to rush the New Year” Some places in shopping centers have already started selling New Year's toys. < span itemprop="height" itemscope itemtype="">

Usually New Year's sales start on November 1, but, as MK said, in one of the stores, New Year's sweet gifts are already starting to arrive.

— If you want to buy New Year's gifts now, so that you can save time before the New Year, we have festively decorated food baskets for sale, — the seller offers.

A small basket with a bottle of prosecco, jam, coffee and sweets now costs 6,000 rubles, larger sets — from 12,000 rub. The seller assured that these baskets will not rise in price for the New Year.

We walked through several shopping centers. I must say that our question about New Year's goods in one of the home accessories stores promptly responded: “What do you need?” We already have everything in the main warehouse, tell us and we will bring it to you!” At another retail outlet we found a batch of freshly delivered New Year's tree decorations.

— Certainly! Look at the magnificent toys we received, handmade! And closer to the New Year they may be snapped up, so grab them now! As for the Christmas trees, small ones have already begun to be shipped to us, and large ones will go on sale from the end of October, — the seller readily told me.

Toys-figurines of people are really gorgeous, but they are unlikely to sell like hot cakes — prices start from 5,000 rubles.

Online trading lives by its own laws, and New Year trees and other holiday attributes are already on sale there. Here you go: “Artificial Christmas tree, 180 cm — price 11,139 rub. (at the same time, the original price of 16,350 rubles has been crossed out, that is, a discount has allegedly been made). Delivery is promised on October 15th. Another artificial spruce called “European”, but from a Russian manufacturer, 210 cm high, will cost 15,563 rubles. “Herringbone” 3 meters high already costs 33,418 rubles. (first price 79,990 rubles crossed out). Another popular marketplace sells very cheap New Year's trees. Maybe because it's from China? For example, one of these, 180 cm high, cost only… 1972 rub. (the price of 8,486 rubles is crossed out). But her appearance, accordingly, is “cheap”, far from natural.

As she noted in a conversation with an MK correspondent, Svetlana Ilyashenko, associate professor of the basic department of trade policy at the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov, an increase in prices for the New Year's assortment is observed annually.

— A reduction in imports, a rise in the dollar exchange rate, and more complex and expensive logistics chains will lead to a 5-10% increase in prices for live and artificial Christmas trees compared to last year, — the expert believes. — The best time to buy Christmas tree decorations — first half of November. Currently, sellers do not yet have a wide range of products. Most large retailers will have Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations on their shelves only in early November, and the buyer will be able to choose decorations to suit every taste and budget. The same applies to all non-food products with a New Year theme, as well as sweets. There will not be a significant increase in the price of Christmas tree decorations by December, since this is a product with high seasonality of demand, and the retailer, on the contrary, is interested in selling the purchased batch. Therefore, as a rule, at the beginning of January next year, the buyer can be pleased with 20-30% discounts on New Year's goods.

Decoration of stores will begin in November — the festive atmosphere not only gives the buyer a good mood, but also provokes him to buy more. It’s not for nothing that on New Year’s Eve some people specifically go “to get in the mood.” However, psychologists recommend keeping yourself in control: there is no need to rush the New Year!

— Back in September, I noticed in one of the stores a whole department decorated in New Year's style — shared with “MK” Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education Tatyana Yudeeva. — There are still three whole months until the New Year! There are sellers who want to sell more and therefore increase the duration of the sale. Some consumers, accordingly, want to buy cheaper and therefore buy in advance. In addition, during the pre-New Year bustle, some will have less time for balanced thinking and a calm purchase. But over such a long time, the mood can dissipate, so it’s better not to rush.

In addition, the desire to live somewhere in a different season, in a different psychological space prevents people from living what is currently valuable . After all, it’s autumn – It’s a wonderful time, and people are already mentally in the snow.

Psychotherapists say that we need to live today, now, live every moment of our lives, and not run forward…


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