GENERICO.ruSport“I’ve been with Rammstein since I was 13 years old”: a frank interview with the disgraced skater

“I’ve been with Rammstein since I was 13 years old”: a frank interview with the disgraced skater

The season has not yet begun, but a scandal has already broken out in figure skating. Vice-champion of Russia Pyotr Gumennik intended to perform the program to Rammstein, which some of the deputies did not like. The German group was replaced with a Russian cover, after which the skater spoke sincerely with Sport.

Pyaternoy is real only with tricks
– After the test skates and the story with Rammstein, you became the hero of the day.

– I didn’t think about it at all. Everything happened so unexpectedly that decisions had to be made quickly. And change the program for test performances, and look for a Russian cover for Rammstein music.

– Someone explained to you why Was it necessary to show the old program at the test skates, in which all the necessary changes had been made a long time ago?

– Having declared for the control skates, I had to show something. The simplest option was last season's program.

– Are you such a big fan of German rock, or did Rammstein’s music simply fit well with the director’s plan?

– Nikolai Moroshkin, who directed the program, liked the music. I can call myself a fan not of German rock, but of the band Rammstein. Years from 13.

– The world of figure skating after the skates split almost in half. Some believed that you needed to stand your ground and were ready to support, others hinted that in the current situation it was not appropriate to use “enemy” music. Will this somehow affect your relationships with both of them?

– It was important for me to hear the opinion of coach Veronica Daineko and understand whether something needs to be changed. Everyone else has the right to their own opinion. As a result, we came to a compromise and chose a Russian cover of Rammstein for the short program.

– Were you previously familiar with the work of the performer under the nickname Radio Tapok?

– I've heard it before.

– This season’s free program was choreographed for you by Daniil Gleikhengauz. What was your impression of working with the master from Khrustalny?

– I liked it very much. The program was completed very quickly, literally in two days. It seems to me that it worked out. Gleikhengauz suggested the music, and I immediately liked it. I wanted something unconventional and at the same time interesting. Sometimes the program is born quickly, sometimes in terrible pain. A new director is always a plus, which allows you to grow and learn something new, try yourself in unexpected characters.

– Last season was the most successful for you in your career. What has he changed in your worldview and attitude towards life?

– Your attitude towards the people around you has definitely not changed. Perhaps, optimism and self-confidence have increased. I understand that everything can be achieved.

– Has a girl appeared nearby who you want to give good gifts from the prize money you earned?

– Not yet . Everything is ahead!

– Will we see jumps of five revolutions in the foreseeable future, or are the reserves of the human body already exhausted?

– Perhaps We'll see, but with little tricks. If you take off from half a turn and land with the permitted under-rotation. Only for now it is difficult to even estimate a jump of five revolutions according to the existing rules.

– How should a skater be built to jump quadruples?

– Must have strong legs that provide propulsion, good rotation speed and sharpness to rotate from the first to the last seconds of flight. It is believed that height should be small, but my height is normal, and my jumps are good.

“I left Mishin on my own”
– Do you have any principal rivals whom you would like to beat at any competition?

– Everyone wants to win. I have an even relationship with all the guys. There is nothing like the figure skaters from the groups Evgeniy Rukavitsyn and Svetlana Sokolovskaya, who hold joint training camps, often communicate and are friends with each other. It's difficult to make strong friends with someone when you only see each other at competitions.

– Do you have friends outside of figure skating?

– Not either . I don’t have much free time, and when I have it, I try to spend time with my parents and brothers.

– You have been training in the Daineko group for six years. How did your relationship with your coach change as you grew older?

– The older I get, the more Veronica Anatolyevna hopes for my conscientiousness . I am becoming an increasingly full-fledged co-author of the training process.

– Can you dispel or confirm the rumor that Alexey Nikolaevich Mishin kicked you out of his group after catching smoking?

– This is the first time I’ve heard this. I can repeat that I made the decision to change the coach myself. I needed to change something in my sports life.

– Do you allow the option of returning to the Professor?< br>

– I don’t see any prerequisites for this.

– Do you at least in principle allow the option of changing sports citizenship?

– I didn’t think about it. I hope that the isolation of Russian figure skating will end someday and we will return triumphant. In the meantime, I will focus on Russian competitions, which are very interesting.


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