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Russians will not see the annular eclipse of the Sun on October 14

MOSCOW, Oct. 14< /strong> An annular eclipse of the Sun will take place on October 14, the shadow of the Moon will hide 95% of the visible area of ​​the Sun's disk, but Russians will not be able to observe this phenomenon, it will be visible in the other hemisphere, the Moscow Planetarium previously reported.
“”On October 14, 2023, from 18:05 to 23:55 Moscow time, an annular eclipse of the Sun will occur. The maximum phase will be 0.95 at 21:00 Moscow time. The eclipse in different phases will be observed in North and South America, as well as in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Not visible in Russia,” the message says.
The planetarium clarified that eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur once every six months with an interval of two weeks. For this event to occur, the Sun, Earth and Moon must line up. When the Earth is in the middle, you can observe a lunar eclipse, and if the Moon, then a solar eclipse.

The annular eclipse will begin at 19:12 Moscow time in the North Pacific Ocean, when there will be dawn. The phase will be slightly less than at the peak – 0.94, and the eclipse will last 4 minutes 20 seconds. The eclipse will then pass through the American states of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Next, the eclipse will be visible to residents of Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, and then it will move to Colombia, and after passing over the northern part of Brazil it will reach the Atlantic Ocean.
Annular eclipse is an eclipse in which the shadow of the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, but only its central part. At the same time, a bright ring of uncovered areas of the star is noticeable at the edges of the shadow.


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