GENERICO.ruEconomicsDetails of the sale of Zelensky's apartments in Crimea have been revealed

Details of the sale of Zelensky's apartments in Crimea have been revealed

They will sell online and quickly

The nationalized apartment of Zelensky’s wife Elena in Yalta is put up for sale. Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until October 26. The auction itself will take place on October 30 at 12 noon on the RTS-tender electronic platform. We remembered what other property the Zelensky family has in its assets.

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The initial cost of the Zelensky apartments is 24,642,490 rubles. Bidders will have to pay 50% of the initial cost of the lot – 12,321,245 rubles, which will be returned in case of “non-winning”. And the minimum auction step is 1,232,124.50 rubles, that is, each new bid can be increased by no less than this amount. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting in the documented list of the apartment’s movable property: two baths, two toilets, a ceiling ventilation system unit, a shower mixer and a bathtub mixer from Noken. By the way, the company is Italian; one mixer can cost 50 or 100 thousand rubles.

The auction will be held electronically. First, you declare yourself as a bidder: you fill out documents, make a deposit and wait for the application to be approved. When the bidding starts, you go to your personal account, offer a bid, and monitor your opponents’ offers. The minimum duration of trading is 10 minutes, on average they last 1-1.5 hours. So we won’t see any intense head-to-head battles for Zelensky’s apartment.

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The main disadvantage of the apartment, judging by the photographs published on the auction website, is that it has minimal finishing. However, the offer is still profitable. For example, an apartment with designer renovation and furniture of a similar area in the same residential complex “Emperor” is now on sale for 99 million rubles. Here you have a palace style, a rooftop swimming pool, a modern security system with round-the-clock surveillance, and an exclusive location next to the summer residence of the Russian emperors – Livadia. But it’s too early to talk about the cost: during the auction it can rise many times.

The head of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov has already stated earlier about where the money from the sale of the apartment will go: to support the participants in the military operation and their families, as well as for the development of cities and regions of Crimea.

However, an apartment in Crimea is clearly not the biggest loss for the Zelensky family. They still have at their disposal a villa in Italy in the resort of Forte dei Marmi with an area of ​​413 sq.m., purchased in 2015 for 3.1 million euros. In 2021, they even tried to sell it, but for some reason the deal fell through. The villa has a spa area with a sauna and jacuzzi, a gym, and a staff room. In general, Zelensky has long been accustomed to imperial luxury.

He is also registered with an apartment in Cyprus with an area of ​​270 square meters, a country house in an elite cottage village near Kiev with an area of ​​353 square meters and worth 250 thousand dollars. and a villa in Miami.


The declaration of Zelensky's wife indicates a rented apartment in London. Thanks to the Pandora Dossier, the public learned that elite London real estate was registered through offshore companies to Zelensky’s closest associates. Who actually uses this real estate is a separate question.

Even if Zelensky loses all his real estate, it doesn’t matter, he will go to his relatives. Zelensky’s mother-in-law is registered with a luxurious villa on the seashore in Egypt worth $5 million. And his parents have property in Israel – a country house with a swimming pool and personal security for $8 million.


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