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Fashion historian Vasiliev explained why he cannot work in Russia

MOSCOW, October 13. Fashion historian and TV presenter Aleksnadr Vasiliev became a guest on a recent episode of the Madonna Moore show, published on YouTube, where he explained why he cannot work in Russia.
According to the ex-host of the “Fashionable Sentence” program, it’s all about a certain woman who works in government.
“”In some cities I am very welcome, I make advertisements, banners and speeches, but in some cities they say: “No. We don't need any Vasilyev. Give us a dead Zaitsev or a dead Yudashkin.” In other words, disorganization. This way and that,” Vasiliev explained. “I conducted an investigation. They told me that this is some woman who was rejected by me at the top of the government and is now taking revenge.”< br />Vasiliev added that now he has to earn money abroad.
““I have many exhibitions: now one is in Prague, another in Latvia, three more in Lithuania, as well as many performances,” the presenter noted.
The fashion historian also denied rumors that he does not live in our country. “Living and working are two different things. I don’t work in Russia, but I often live,” he said.

After the start of the special operation, Alexander Vasiliev condemned it. Soon he stopped appearing on Russian television channels and at social events.


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