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“This is sabotage”: Arbenina was outraged by the cancellation of her concert in Yoshkar-Ola

MOSCOW, October 13. The leader of the “Night Snipers” Diana Arbenina spoke out on her Telegram channel about the cancellation of the concert in Yoshkar-Ola, which was supposed to take place on October 18.

“The authorities of the Republic of Mari El disrupted our concert in Yoshkar-Ola,” says the performer in a video message. “I regard this disrupted concert, this cancellation as sabotage against a citizen of the Russian Federation who lives in his country, loves his country, the public, and who is responsible for what he promises. And I promised to come. And I will deal with what happened.”

Earlier, Maxim Zadvornov, Arbenina’s PR director, said that the Yoshkar-Ola administration is operating with “false allegations.”
“Local authorities are using administrative resources to groundlessly, directly violating Russian legislation, prohibit residents of the city of Yoshkar-Ola from attending the artist’s performance,” he said. “Diana Arbenina is not on any lists, is not prohibited from performing in Russia, is not foreign agent.”
Earlier, the Minister of Culture of the region, Konstantin Ivanov, announced at the 39th session of the State Assembly of the Republic of Mari El that the concert of the leader of the Night Snipers would not take place.

“We will not allow performances by those artists who speak negatively about our country and politics,” said Ivanov.

Several concerts of the “Night Snipers” did not take place this year “in Russian cities. According to media reports, the reason was Diana Arbenina’s ambiguous position regarding Crimea and the Northern Military District.

The rock singer suffered several more performances due to an injury received as a result of an unsuccessful fall in May. At the beginning of June, the singer was supposed to appear on stage at the Dinoterra festival in Kuzbass, but she was replaced by Yulia Savicheva.


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