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Petrosyan destroys everyone: the Russian Grand Prix series has started for figure skaters


Short programs in women's single figure skating ended at the stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Ufa. The first place was expectedly taken by Adelia Petrosyan, who received 84.38 points. In second place is Anna Frolova (75.39). Elizaveta Kulikova is in third place (65.64). Sports talks about what the first day of competition was memorable for.

Not everyone made it to Ufa
The main battle in women's single skating was supposed to unfold between Eteri Tutberidze's students Adelia Petrosyan and Maya Khromykh, as well as Alexey Vasilevsky's ward Anastasia Zinina. However, the last two did not make it to Ufa – both withdrew for medical reasons. Zinina’s old injury, which she received at the Channel One Cup last season, worsened. Details of Khromykh's condition have not been released. It is also still unknown where the athletes will now perform, because to qualify for the Spartakiad it is necessary to take part in two stages of the Grand Prix.

Despite the absence of a number of favorites, many residents of Ufa still decided to devote their day off to sports, and some did it spontaneously. Right in front of the ice arena there is a fair that takes place in the city every weekend. There were also bright posters – thanks to them, those interested went inside and bought tickets on the spot. And if at the beginning of the competition the stands were only a third full, the girls’ support group became more impressive.

Petrosyan is ready to tear up
The first starting number was given to the figure skater from Belarus Victoria Safonova. Her performance did not count toward the medal count, since athletes from other countries cannot compete in Russian tournaments. However, this is the only chance for her to perform in front of a wider audience amid the suspension. She received 65.33 points for the program, which would allow her to make good competition and take fourth place in the table.

Next came 15-year-old Elizaveta Kulikova, who trains in Moscow in the group of Svetlana Sokolovskaya and Stanislav Zakharov. For the first adult season, Pelageya’s composition “Oh, it’s not evening” was chosen, which the skater herself really likes. This was especially noticeable during the track, when Kulikova sang along and emotionally invested in every movement. The athlete did not show the ultra-c elements, which did not prevent her from gaining decent points and taking an intermediate third place. However, the difference between the senior and junior competitions was noted by the skater herself.

“It’s more difficult to perform in the junior competitions, because many people there jump triple axels and quadruples. It’s easier here, much more comfortable. You’re not competing with small, you can show adult skating,” Kulikova told reporters.

“Adult” skating was clearly demonstrated by Anna Frolova from St. Petersburg, who has been training at Evgeniy Rukavitsyn’s headquarters since this season. The athlete has a difficult sporting life – she had to miss more than a year due to health problems, but she decided to take a risk and resumed her career. Now Frolova proves that 18 years is not the limit for figure skaters, desire decides. The new coaching staff seems to understand that this is the age when sensuality and femininity begin to appear in a girl. Therefore, the short program, set to the song “I’m Not There,” revealed Anna from a completely new side for the viewer. During the performance, the fans seemed to hold their breath and become completely immersed in her story.

“This song is difficult in itself, in meaning. It is about the losses that each of us has faced – a loved one, a friend, a lover. I personally experienced this, so I tried to convey the emotions,” said Frolova.
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Probably, this is why the performance resonated in the hearts of the audience, who then chanted to the skater for a long time: “Well done.” Petrosyan also admired Frolova’s program.

“I want to learn her calmness. The way she comes out, she skates very beautifully and like an adult,” said the figure skater.

But , it seems that Petrosyan does not need to learn calmness. One can only envy the way she comes out and tears up the whole hall.

Even during the warm-up, she received close attention from the audience. As soon as the participants entered the waiting area, the stands began to whisper, naming those they recognized. The surname Petrosyan was heard most often. The audience did not miss a single attempt to perform jumps, each time loudly supporting her with applause.

Petrosyan paid special attention to the triple Axel during the warm-up. She was the only participant to demonstrate the ultra-si element at this stage. The attempts did not work out right away – Adelia tried the jump again and again until the exit turned out to be perfect. Sergei Dudakov immediately after this spread his hands, as if asking: “Well, what was the difficulty if you can do everything?” The rest of the jumps seemed to be an easy warm-up for her.

The program itself became a “warm-up” – not a single mistake on jumps, fourth-level spins, the highest GOE. Petrosyan lost points only on the step sequence, which was rated by the judging panel at the third level. But even this did not stop him from scoring a phenomenal 84.38 points and getting the whole hall excited so much that the applause drowned out the music. Even Dudakov, who is usually very modest in his emotions, danced in the chorus. This can probably be considered the highest praise from him.

Petrosyan very modestly commented on the performance, noting that she still feels the competition.

&quot ;There is always competition, because you can screw up badly, while others skate cleanly. For example, I had an axel, I could have fallen from it. There are girls here with whom you can compete, for example, Anya Frolova,” said Petrosyan.

And only the figure skater herself knows how sincere the answer was.
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