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Novak believes that wood and coal will be used in the world in 50 years

MOSCOW, Oct. 16Firewood and coal will continue to be used in 50 years, but their share in the global energy balance will decrease, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with journalist Marina Kim. The footage was shown on the SolovyovLIVE TV channel.
When asked what the energy mix will be over the 50-year horizon, by 2073, Novak said: “Well, I think there will be a long share in the balance of solar, wind, nuclear and energy. Hydropower will remain one way or another. “There will still be a small share of traditional hydrocarbon energy sources. There will even be coal, there will be firewood, there will be oil, there will be gas. It’s just that their share will be reduced.”

As for the current return of Europe to coal generation, then, according to Novak, the region is switching to coal not because it believes , that it is the future of energy, but because he made a number of “ineffective, unreasonable decisions to abandon our gas, to abandon highly environmentally friendly, cheap and reliable resources.”

At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister expects that the production and implementation of energy capacities based on solar and wind energy will increase in the coming years.
“We already see this. We live in these times. Active development is underway. For example: last year, investments in green energy amounted to about 600 billion dollars, while in the oil and gas industry they amounted to only 450 billion dollars a year “, Novak explained.
“Especially, and importantly, the world's largest consumer of energy is the People's Republic of China, taking into account its huge economy. The lion's share is now being introduced there – these are mainly renewable energy sources. And there are practically no coal power plants. And if they are introduced, then they are very highly effective based on a fluidized bed,” noted the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.


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