GENERICO.ruAutoThe new generation Citroen C3 Aircross will grow in size and become a seven-seat crossover

The new generation Citroen C3 Aircross will grow in size and become a seven-seat crossover

The French manufacturer showed a video teaser of the future three-row SUV. According to preliminary data, the new product will debut for the European market in 2025.

The Citroen brand, now part of the auto giant Stellantis, launched its C3 Aircross SUV on the European market in 2017, and in 2021 the model underwent a restyling. Let us remind you that this car was created on the outdated PF1 platform, production was established in Spain. In the old-world market, the best year for the compact crossover was 2019, when dealers managed to sell more than 112 thousand units, after which the result decreased from year to year.

Teaser of the new generation Citroen C3 Aircross for the European market

It is worth recalling that under the same name the French are now producing a three-row SUV, which is based on a modular “trolley” CMP (Common Modular Platform). As reported earlier, this C3 Aircross is addressed to poor countries; its production has been launched in Brazil and India. Sales of this crossover in India started recently, in the middle of last month.

Previously, the media had already voiced a version that the new generation Citroen C3 Aircross, intended for Europe (the project is already in progress), in terms of design will repeat the car addressed to developing countries. However, Stellantis had not previously officially confirmed this assumption. Now, new information has appeared about the “old-world” version of the “second” C3 Aircross: the model will still share the design with the C3 cross-hatchback presented today. However, it will be based on a Smart Car (version of the CMP platform), and the interior will be three-row.

The fact is that at the end of the presentation of the new Citroen C3, the brand’s CEO, Thierry Coscas, announced the brand’s future model (although he never named it) and showed a video teaser with several darkened shots of the crossover. British Autocar, citing a representative of the local Citroen office, reports that this silhouette actually belongs to the new C3 Aircross for the old-world market.

If you look closely at the teaser, you can see the front part with the brand logo updated last year and LED head optics, like the just debuted C3. Probably, the stern with rear lights is designed in a similar way on the two models. The short video also showed the layout of the three-row cabin: its seating formula is 2+3+2.

< p>Obviously, the “second” C3 Aircross will be larger compared to the new Citroen C3 for Europe (and compared to the current SUV): this is necessary to ensure enough space in the cabin for all riders. According to preliminary data, the length of the new product may be 4.32 meters, which is 170 mm longer than that of the current old-world SUV.

Photo: new Citroen e-C3

It is expected that the new generation Citroen C3 Aircross will have versions with internal combustion engines, hybrid units, and also with all-electric “filling”. It is possible that it will share the technology with the new C3, in which case the “green” version will receive a 113-horsepower electric motor on the front axle and a traction battery with a capacity of 44 kWh (the cross-hatch has a range of 320 km on one charge when calculated according to WLTP cycle).

In the photo: the current Citroen C3 Aircross for the Indian market

Citroën, probably , will reveal details about the new C3 Aircross for Europe next year. It is expected that such a seven-seat crossover will debut in 2025 and compete with the Dacia Jogger.


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