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Yuri Entin expressed condolences on the death of Gennady Gladkov

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MOSCOW, October 16 Poet Yuri Entin said that composer Gennady Gladkov was his friend and co-author for many years, and they were not separated “until yesterday day.”
Soviet and Russian composer Gennady Gladkov died at his home at the age of 89, his assistant Malik Aminov previously reported.

“I met Gladkov by chance in August 1962. It happened under the following circumstances: I was performing parodies for the first time in my life, and one of the spectators came up to me, took my hand and said: “You know, I really liked your parodies. I have a friend – he is a first-year student at the conservatory. He wants to meet a poet so that he can write songs together.” I agreed and met Gennady Gladkov. From that moment on, we were not separated as friends and as co-authors until yesterday,” said Entin.
The poet noted that he spoke with Gladkov the day before yesterday and made joint plans: on October 18, they were supposed to meet at the composer’s creative evening in the Mosconcert Hall. Now, according to him, the evening will definitely take place, but it will be dedicated to the memory of Gladkov.

Gladkov was born in Moscow in 1935 into a family of musicians. He wrote music for such animated films as “The Kid and Carlson”, “Well, Just Wait!”, “The Blue Puppy”, “How the Lion Cub and the Turtle Sang a Song” and many others. His works can also be heard in the films “12 Chairs”, “An Ordinary Miracle”, “Gentlemen of Fortune”, “Dog in the Manger”, “New Year’s Adventures of Masha and Viti” and others. In addition, the composer also composed music for theatrical productions. Since 1998, Gennady Gladkov has been an Honored Artist of the RSFSR, since 2002 – People's Artist of Russia.


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