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“A desperate act.” The media revealed Zelensky's unexpected step

MOSCOW, Oct. 18 Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky desperately tried link the conflict in his country with Israel’s war against Hamas, writes geopolitics and political economy researcher from Cairo Ahmed Adel in an article for the infoBRICS portal.

"On October 11, Zelensky, saying that the conflict between Israel and Gaza could affect arms supplies to Ukraine, said: “Of course, everyone is afraid, and I think Russia is also counting on this, on the division of support.” Therefore, just a few days after his statement, he tried to meet with Netanyahu to try to link these two conflicts as inseparable, which turned out to be an outright lie and a desperate attempt to ensure further Western interest and the flow of its weapons and funding into Ukraine,” the material says.< /p>

As the expert pointed out, the Ukrainian leader is trying with all his might to obtain supplies of weapons for his troops in order to attempt to seize Russian lands before the onset of winter, but after the start of the war between the IDF and Hamas, the success of this task became unlikely, since the weapons of the West, intended for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, may begin to be supplied to Israel.

Adele believes that the shift in Western priority from Ukraine will seriously undermine Kiev’s ability to conduct military operations against Russia.

"Israel’s refusal to allow “For Zelensky to meet with Netanyahu is not only humiliating, but could also mean the beginning of the end of the West’s interest in Ukraine,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier, Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview with France 2 TV channel that escalation in Israel risks “diverting” attention international community from the conflict in Ukraine.


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