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The expert estimated the possible costs of the new design to be 1,000 rubles

MOSCOW, Oct. 18 Costs due to the need to change the design of new 1,000-ruble banknotes will not exceed several hundred million rubles, the boss said Analytical Department of BKF Bank Maxim Osadchiy.
The Bank of Russia on Monday introduced new banknotes: banknotes of 1 thousand and 5 thousand rubles. But earlier on Wednesday, he announced that he would finalize the design of the updated 1,000 ruble banknote; a decision was made to stop its release; it did not go into wide circulation.

“We can estimate the damage associated with changing the design at several hundred million rubles, hardly more than a billion,” the expert believes.

The thousand-ruble banknote is dedicated to Nizhny Novgorod and the Volga Federal District. The main image of the front side is the Nikolskaya Tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin; the reverse side shows the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Ufa, the Syuyumbike Tower on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, as well as the Museum of the History of Statehood of the Tatar People and the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan, which is located in the building of the former palace church.
An Orthodox cross has not yet been installed on the church, which was looted in Soviet times and repaired in post-Soviet times. On the banknote, the church is depicted without a cross next to the Syuyumbike tower, on which a crescent moon is installed (one of the symbols of Islam).


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