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Russian scientists have created a space “thermometer”

SAMARA, Oct 19 Scientists from Korolev Samara University have made a space multichannel temperature recorder (MRT) from domestic components, which will be placed on the Bion-M orbital laboratory No. 2 with fungi, bacteria and other biological objects, The university press service told reporters.
According to Samara scientists, the new equipment has no analogues either in Russia or abroad. It is assumed that MRT-2 will subsequently become standard equipment for use in subsequent domestic orbital laboratories of the Bion-M series. These spacecraft are launched to conduct biological research.

“The work on the creation of the MRT-2 scientific equipment has been completely completed, the equipment has successfully completed the planned cycle of ground tests and is ready to be sent for final assembly as part of the Bion-M spacecraft.” No. 2. A multi-channel temperature recorder is a system for constantly monitoring the temperature regime at certain points in the design of containers with biological objects; these containers will be placed on the outer surface of the orbital laboratory in open space conditions,” said Lyubov Kurganskaya, leading researcher at the Research Institute for Modeling and Control Problems of Samara University.< /p>

The equipment of the new MRT-2 is better protected from the effects of cosmic radiation than that of its predecessor, which was used in 2014 on Foton-M No. 4. The developed complex is also distinguished by greater accuracy of temperature measurements. When creating MRT-2, domestic electronic components and software developed at Samara University were used.

It is planned that ground-based comprehensive tests of MRT-2 as part of the assembled Bion-M No. 2 spacecraft will take place around March 2024. In the same year, it is planned to launch this orbital laboratory with mice, fruit flies, fungi, bacteria, and cellular tissues. The main goal of the scientific program will be to study the biological effects of weightlessness and high levels of cosmic radiation on living organisms at the systemic, organ, cellular and molecular levels.


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