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During the “Lesson of Courage”, Kursk schoolchildren were shown armored personnel carriers and weapons, and then they took a photo with the flag “We are Russians, God is with us”

An armored personnel carrier (APC) and participants in the war in Ukraine, “with whom the school maintains a close relationship,” were brought to the “Lesson of Courage” class hour at the Chernivtsi secondary school in the Kursk region. “Rise” drew attention to the publication of the educational institution about this.

In the photographs from the event you can see an armored personnel carrier, a military truck, as well as a “Russian Army” meal kit laid out in front of the students, a quadcopter, military equipment, a camouflage uniform, grenade launchers, machine guns and other weapons.

“During the event, samples of weapons and equipment were demonstrated. The weapons were without ammunition. There were no calls for war or similar statements,” school director Terenty Lebedev told Podem.

All the military personnel at the meeting with the children were dressed in camouflage, and their faces were covered with balaclavas. In the pictures where they appeared without hats, their heads were covered with the letters “Z”. In the same way, before publishing the photo, the license plates of the armored personnel carrier and the truck were hidden.

Among the published photographs there is a common photo of schoolchildren with a military man – in it the children are holding the flag of the Russian Empire with the inscription “We are Russians, God is with us” and the flag of the missile forces and artillery.

It became known earlier that a meeting was held at a Nizhny Novgorod school with Wagner PMC mercenary Alexander Raspravin, who was twice sent to a colony on charges related to the death of a person. In 2010, he was found guilty of beating his own grandfather, who died from his injuries, and in 2017, of beating an acquaintance to death. Raspravin was supposed to serve his sentence in a special regime colony, but he went to fight and then returned to his native region.


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