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GM and SAIC are preparing to launch a Hyundai Sonata competitor

In the appearance of the new sedan, features of the same Sonata can be traced – albeit pre-reform. The Chinese four-door will be available as a rechargeable hybrid or a full-fledged electric car.

In the photo of the Ministry of Industry of the People's Republic of China, a sedan of the Wuling brand, which is part of a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC, appeared in mid-August, and at the same time the manufacturer distributed the first corporate images. And recently in the Middle Kingdom they held a screening for media representatives, in addition, the company distributed new official pictures. The model was called Starlight (in Chinese – Xingguang), and this is the first four-door of the Wuling brand: until now only compact vans, crossovers, hatches and microcars were produced under it.

Wuling Starlight PHEV 1/5 Wu ling Starlight PHEV 2/5 Wuling Starlight PHEV 3/5 Wuling Starlight PHEV 4/5 Wuling Starlight PHEV 5/5

Wuling Starlight will be offered with a PHEV hybrid installation and in the form of an electric vehicle; the versions differ in the design of the front part. So, instead of a frameless radiator grille, the pure “green” sedan has a plug; in addition, the EV version has separate LED “boomerangs” for running lights, while the hybrid has a solid luminous strip. Other appearance features are a coupe-like silhouette, like the Hyundai Sonata, and taillights, designed in the style of the same Korean model (but pre-reform).

Wuling Starlight EV 1/5 Wuling Starlight EV 2/5 Wuling Starlight EV 3/5 Wuling Starlight EV 4/5 Wuling Starlight EV 5/5

In terms of dimensions, the “Chinese” is close to the same Sonata. Starlight length is 4835 mm, width – 1860 mm, height – 1515 mm, wheelbase – 2800 mm. And Wuling is especially proud of the aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd – 0.228. Starlight trunk volume – 540 liters.

Wuling Starlight EV

Inside, the hybrid and electric car mirror each other. In the cabin there are separate screens for virtual instrumentation and a multimedia system, a two-spoke steering wheel and a two-story central tunnel. There is no climate control unit – apparently, the settings are built into the giant central touchscreen. The backs of the front seats recline 180 degrees (the headrests are removable), so you can relax when parked after a long trip. Other equipment has not yet been announced, however, most likely, like all modern cars, Starlight has adaptive cruise control, all-round cameras, auto braking and lane keeping systems.

Wuling Starlight 1/5 Wuling Starlight 2/5 < img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/9461ea8c497a2558a4cc3b2747b00d9a.jpg" />Wuling Starlight 3/5 Wuling Starlight 4/5 Wuling Starlight 5/5

The hybrid installation includes a 1.5 naturally aspirated gasoline engine (106 hp), and the Starlight EV is equipped with an electric motor producing 136 hp. There are no other details about the technology at the moment, while some local specialized media write that the Wuling Starlight PHEV will travel approximately 60 km on electric power alone (apparently, this figure is calculated according to the Chinese cycle, that is, the actual range may be less).

Wuling Starlight EV 1/5 Wuling Starlight EV 2/5 Wuling Starlight EV 3/5 Wuling Starlight EV 4/5 Wuling Starlight EV 5/5

To home The Wuling sedan market should be released before the end of autumn. Subsequently, Starlight may well reincarnate into a new Chevrolet model, because the American brand has long been “borrowing” cars from the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture to sell them in developing countries: for example, the current Chevrolet Captiva crossover is made from Baojun 530 (Baojun is another joint GM brand and SAIC).


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