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In Hungary, the far right staged a provocation at the monument to Soviet heroes

BUDAPEST, Oct. 21 Representatives of the Hungarian far-right opposition party Jobbik “committed a provocation with a monument to Soviet soldiers in Budapest before the anniversary of the events of 1956, covering the monument with black film, which was subsequently removed by city services; The Russian embassy stated that it intends to contact the country's authorities in connection with the provocation and send them an appropriate signal.
The action was broadcast on the party’s Facebook account* (an extremist social network banned in the Russian Federation). “After the action, more than 20 police officers arrived at the site due to the event,” the party said.

Jobbik also noted that it had once again submitted a proposal to demolish the monument to the Hungarian parliament, but the ruling Fidesz alliance -The Christian Democratic Labor Party, which has two-thirds of the seats in the national assembly, rejected the proposal and did not include it on the agenda.

By now, municipal services have removed the film from the monument.
As the Russian diplomatic mission reported, “the embassy intends to send appropriate signals to the Hungarian authorities when local government agencies return from the “long weekend.” In Hungary, the anniversary of the outbreak of the events of 1956 on October 23 is a non-working day.
Stela with the inscription “Glory to the Soviet liberator soldiers” “on Freedom Square in Budapest was erected in 1945 in memory of the 140 thousand Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Hungary.
Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the actions of the USSR, which in 1956 and 1968 sent troops to Budapest and Prague , were an erroneous policy that only led to tension, and today the leading Western countries are stepping on this “rake.”

Speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club, the Russian leader clarified that the events of 1956 in Hungary “are difficult to call in their pure form color revolution”, since they were associated, among other things, with the mistakes of the then Hungarian leadership.
* The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook, Instagram) are prohibited in Russia as extremist.


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