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A corruption scheme using door mats was exposed in Ukraine

Millions for rugs costing 200 hryvnia

Ukrainian Telegram channels conducted a survey about the attitude of Ukrainians towards corruption. 34% of respondents said that the country is hopeless and positive changes cannot be expected. This is confirmed by the daily information that appears in the Ukrainian media. It’s amazing what kind of schemes they don’t come up with in Nezalezhnaya in order to profit from an economically sick country.

Millions for rugs priced at 200 hryvnia

One of the latest achievements in this area was demonstrated by the brainchild of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, although it has not belonged to him for a long time – Privatbank. Here they managed to organize a trouble-free “money laundering” scheme. using… door mats. The bankers allegedly spent about 6 million hryvnia, or $155 thousand, on their rental and maintenance. And this — over several months (there were 11 tranches). However, some Ukrainians considered the costs fair, because the dirty rug needs to be taken away, cleaned and returned to its place, and this costs both gasoline and the driver.

“And not only PrivatBank” does so, – says Ukrainian Lina. – All large companies rent and service them, and this rug costs from 4,000 hryvnia (10,230 rubles) excluding maintenance. These rugs are produced by a special company, either Swedes or Finns. There is a laser code on the back of the mat, so it cannot be replaced. One was stolen from us, so the service company billed us for 5,000 hryvnia (12,788.6 rubles).”

“Rugs can be very different in appearance, but a rubber mat – this is a rubber mat, – retorts Alexander. – His price – 200 hryvnia (511.54 rubles), and everything higher – laundering the money.”   

Another case of questionable use of budget funds was discovered in the small town of Chuguev in the Kharkov region, located not far from the front line. Despite the constant shelling, local authorities decided to allocate a considerable amount of 235 million hryvnia (601 million rubles) for the repair of the local lyceum No. 2, which stood abandoned after a fire that happened in 2021.

Why officials remembered about the repairs specifically during the fighting, a local resident explained. “If officials are carrying out illogical repairs in some empty building in the city not far from the contact line, then this is not just so,” says Ukrainian Andrey. then it won't prove it. And, secondly, they are most likely planning to settle Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers there for the winter and use the building as a barracks or headquarters.” And then it will definitely “fly in.”

And from the last… The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine handed over suspicions to the management of Khersonteploenergo. According to security officials, businessmen illegally withdrew almost 13 million hryvnia (33  million rubles) from the state structure.

After the city came under Russian control, the director of the enterprise, the chief accountant and the head of the trade union simply withdrew all accumulated payments from individuals and legal entities to their private accounts. And then, when the Ukrainian authorities returned there, it turned out that the company was left completely without funds. Now three participants in the theft of consumer money face punishment of up to 6 years in prison.


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