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Aliyev compared the body of young skaters to potatoes

KRASNOYARSK, October 29, Andrey Simonenko. European Champion 2020 Dmitry Aliev expressed satisfaction with his victory at the Russian Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk, noting that many of his young rivals find it easier to perform quadruple jumps, since they have bodies like “young potatoes.”
Aliyev won the Russian Grand Prix stage in Krasnoyarsk, ahead of Alexander Samarin and Pyotr Gumennik. The skater is 24 years old.
“” Sasha Samarin and I are the only children of the 90s left, the rest are younger. Now quadruple jumps start early – like the same Mark Kondratyuk. It’s easier for those who have a body like a young potato. We already have foulbrood. But it’s nice to win in such a company, you prove, first of all, to yourself that you are capable of something else,” Aliyev told reporters.
The skater made two quadruple jumps in the free program, but then made a number of mistakes. “Not angry, everything is fine, positive. Now I’m in a state of deep exhalation. I lived through this half of the day, it feels like it went on for two days. I’m satisfied that I can again show two quadruple jumps from the start. They gave me confidence that everything is going as it should “In preparation for this tournament there were crazy clean skates, but today, perhaps, acclimatization took its toll, I woke up at three in the morning and didn’t sleep anymore, I fell asleep twice in the morning. But in general, I like to fight with such conditions, it’s like a sport,” – Aliyev noted.

“When I went to the third quadruple, doubts arose, this led to a failure. I gave a sign to the coach – “count”, so that they would later tell me not to repeat the jumps. This knocked me out, I am dissatisfied that I made a mistake on lighter jumps. The program turned out to be shaky. The coach said that he saw how I was “burning”. Probably, from the outside it was noticeable, although I didn’t feel it myself,” the skater added.
According to Aliyev, talking during the program is not prohibited. “Zhenya Medvedeva said “thank you” to the judges. The main thing is not to swear,” he concluded.


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