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“Wagner” officially announced its return to the NWO zone

The backbone of the attack aircraft near Avdiivka consists of updated “musicians”

Fighters of the Wagner PMC announced that they were returning to the front. This message appeared on Sunday on one of the group’s official Telegram channels.

The backbone of the attack aircraft near Avdievka are made up of updated

According to unofficial data, the attack aircraft are already at the front and are even carrying out combat missions in one of the most difficult sections of the front at the moment – in Avdeevka.

In their statement, the “musicians” said that they were recruiting fighters and clarified that who will be able to return to duty, and who will not be able to return.

Soldiers of the Wagner PMC will return to the combat zone in Ukraine. This message appeared on the official channel of the Wagner Orchestra group. At the same time, they clarified that “Wagner” will now be an official unit of the Russian Guard, with one caveat – the entire structure of the group, the order of work, the commanders will remain the same.

Official representatives of the “musicians” also reported that the call has begun and is ongoing employees from the reserve, as well as recruiting new ones. The contract is concluded with all categories: “Project K” (former prisoners), “Umbrella” (a special unit consisting of people infected with viruses such as HIV and hepatitis), foreigners.

Moreover, after signing the contract and approval for the position on the first day, all fighters will be required to undergo mandatory one-month training, regardless of what merits and achievements the fighter has.

It is noteworthy that they will not be able to join the new unit employees who have transferred to the structures of the Ministry of Defense, as well as volunteer detachments within the military department, will be included.

The “Musicians” also reported that a new base would be built on the front-line territory. But the tasks of attack aircraft in Belarus and Africa remain the same.

They started talking about the return of the “musicians” a few months ago. However, there was no official information on this matter and all the news was kept at the level of rumors.

Nevertheless, MK military experts noted that the “musicians”, after returning to the Northern Military District zone, would be involved in the “hottest” spots . Then it was assumed that they would carry out tasks in Avdiivka.

And now a number of Telegram channels are reporting that “musicians” are storming the largest Ukrainian military district of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At least the core of the fighters are those same legendary stormtroopers.


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