GENERICO.ruPolitics“This spider”: Putin spoke about those responsible for the events at Makhachkala airport

“This spider”: Putin spoke about those responsible for the events at Makhachkala airport

Vladimir Putin spoke at a meeting announced by his press secretary on the wake of the unrest in Dagestan. According to him, the events in Makhachkala, where a crowd broke into the airport, protesting against the arrival of a plane from Tel Aviv, were organized by Western intelligence services.

“The events in Makhachkala last night were inspired, among other things, through social networks not least from the territory of Ukraine by the hands of agents of Western intelligence services,” the president said.

He said that it is impossible to help Palestine by trying to attack the Tats (Mountain Jews living in Dagestan – MK) and their families. “The Tats are the titular nation in Dagestan,” he emphasized.

According to Putin, “Palestine can only be helped in the fight against those who are behind this tragedy.” “We are Russia and we are fighting them as part of a special military operation both for ourselves and for those who strive for real true freedom,” Putin said. .

He added that when you look at the footage from the Gaza Strip, “at the bloodied children, at the dead, at how women and old people suffer, how doctors die – your fists clench and tears well up in your eyes.” .

But “we have no right to be guided by emotions,” the president said, noting that Russian citizens “must clearly understand who is organizing this deadly chaos.” According to him, the main organizers and beneficiaries of global instability, including conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, are the ruling elites of the United States and their satellites.

“You need to know and understand where the root of evil is. “Where is this spider that wants to entangle the whole world in its web,” Putin said

“By fighting this enemy within the framework of the Northern Military District, we are strengthening the positions of all those who are fighting for independence and sovereignty,” he added .


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