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At the Green Festival in Crimea, almonds were planted from

KAPSEL BAY, SUDAK (Crimea), October 28More than a thousand evergreen trees were planted on Saturday at the Green Festival near Sudak in Crimea, among them cypress trees of the singer Khabib and the group The Hatters, as well as almonds from, the correspondent reports.
Musicians, representatives of the media, authorities and everyone took part in planting trees at the Tavrida Art Academy during the Green Festival, which takes place on Saturday in Kapsel Bay near Sudak.

Everyone who wanted to plant plants in Kapsel Bay with their own hands took part in the festival; to do this, they had to register on the festival website. Organizers said that eventually more than a thousand evergreen trees and perennial shrubs will become part of the bay's new ecosystem.

At the festival there is an opportunity to plant personalized trees. Representatives of the media planted an almond grove near the sea, and the agency’s almonds also appeared in the bay.
““A man must be able to do something on the earth, he must be broad-shouldered, strong-armed, so that he can build a house, plant a tree, and raise a worthy son. Therefore, I planted a tree, there are two other points left,” Khabib told reporters, having planted cypress.
“Because it’s easier than having a son and building a house,” said frontman of The Hatters Yuri Muzychenko, answering the question why it is important to plant a tree.
The creative workshops of the Tavrida Art Academy will host a business program and activities from partners. In addition, master classes for children and adults, excursions around the academy’s territory, a fair of Crimean craftsmen, seasonal vegetables and fruits and other events are planned. At the end of the festival, Khabib and The Hatters will perform for the audience.


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