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Soloviev and Kedmi staged a showdown on air over the Israeli operation

Soloviev and Kedmi staged a showdown on air because of the Israeli operation Yakov Kedmi. Photo: frame from video.

Military expert, former head of the Israeli intelligence service Nativ Yakov Kedmi and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov had a skirmish on TV on the Rossiya 1 channel regarding the assessment of the operation being carried out by the Defense Army Israel in the Gaza Strip.

It began with the fact that Vladimir Solovyov, speaking about the mass death of civilians in the Gaza Strip, said that “the crimes of some are not an excuse for the crimes of others.” He added that “nothing can justify the death of so many children and women.”

To this Yakov Kedmi replied: “I can.”

Soloviev said that this would never happen in Russia will not understand and will not accept collective responsibility.

Kedmi tried to explain his position, noting that “there is no collective responsibility,” and women and children were “put under fire by Hamas.”

“No , it’s you who are killing them,” Soloviev said, adding that in Ukraine the same thing happens when Ukrainians “try to hide behind civilians,” the Russian army does not strike them, sacrifices soldiers, but saves civilians.

To this Kedmi asked not to teach the IDF how to fight.

Recall that earlier Vladimir Solovyov apologized for the words of political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky, said in relation to Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov and official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Then he said that he no longer saw the opportunity to continue professional communication with Satanovsky and decided to dismiss him from the Soloviev-Live channel.


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