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State Duma deputy commented on the possible deprivation of his mandate due to absenteeism

MOSCOW, October 31 State Duma deputy from the LDPR Vasily Vlasov, commenting on the question of deprivation of his mandate due to low turnout in the State Duma, said that he was at 98.8% of the plenary meetings of the chamber, and 80% of the voting of the commission on regulations, where he is a member, took place by mail.
Earlier, the Vedomosti newspaper reported that Vlasov could be deprived of his deputy mandate due to failure to attend the State Duma. Vlasov “missed more than 60% of the commission’s meetings without good reason or warning, for example, during the 8th convocation he was twice absent from commission meetings for more than 40 days in a row,” said the head of the commission on regulations, Viktor Pinsky.

“”80% of votes the commissions were conducted by e-mail. It was written in the letter that… we ask you to vote on the materials on such and such an issue on the agenda of the commission,” Vlasov said.
He also spoke about his attendance at State Duma meetings. “The seventh convocation – 97.5% turnout, the eighth convocation 98.8%,” he noted.

He added that he did not understand why such a question arose, noting that some colleagues do not appear in the Duma while on sick leave.
“Of course, I understand everything, but to blame me… I could hide behind papers … but I constantly go to all events, I go to plenary sessions,” Vlasov noted.
In his Telegram channel, Vlasov recorded a video message, where he noted that all the meetings of the commission on regulations, which were held online, were not read to him, but in the certificate provided by the committee for the protection of competition, all meetings held by poll were counted to deputy Vadim Belousov (“A Just Russia – For Truth”), who also wants to be deprived of his mandate, as a presence.
He also noted that for everything seven years of work in parliament, he never took sick leave, and the ethics commission and the commission on mandate issues did not accept a single appeal from him.

“We’ll see what happens at the Duma Council, I left a request, I’d really like to come out and talk about all the violations,” added Vlasov.


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