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The Ministry of Health may begin to use AI in the accreditation of doctors

MOSCOW, October 27 The Russian Ministry of Health may begin to use artificial intelligence in preparing tasks for the accreditation of physicians, research is currently underway in this area, said Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Tatyana Semenova.
Earlier, information appeared in the media that the iMed neural network successfully passed a test created to assess the readiness of healthcare professionals for their professional activities as part of the accreditation procedure.


“The Russian Ministry of Health is assessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence methods in creating (generating) new test tasks and situational cases for accreditation in accordance with the specification of the assessment tool (specialty, discipline, nosology, labor functions). Such research work is now actively underway and preliminary results have already been obtained,” Semenova said.

She explained that the creation of high-quality assessment tools for accreditation is a very labor-intensive process, it includes its development, mandatory quality assessment, and the involvement of a large number of professionals from among the teaching staff of medical universities, scientific organizations and representatives of the medical community.

According to Semenova, such a toolkit has been created, but banks of assessment tools need constant updating, especially in the context of the fact that clinical recommendations are regularly updated, the regulatory framework changes, and equipment is updated.< br />


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