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Putin’s plan worked: the capture of Avdiivka will be a convincing blow

The West has lost faith in the victory of Ukraine

The turning point in the Ukrainian crisis has already arrived, and not only because we attack Avdiivka and take it, which will finally finish off the morale of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The turning point came according to the so-called “Putin plan” in the West. The plan worked. To verify this, you can listen to the US Secretary of Defense, and “Western voices” in general.

The West has lost faith in the victory of Ukraine

Here is the latest speech by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin: “Putin had a feeling that we could be “waited out.” This is part of his strategy, the main part of it. He feels that the West will get tired of supporting Ukraine and he will soon get his way. If we don’t support Ukraine, then Putin will win.”

And here’s what Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in a conversation with a “high-ranking African official” (pranksters Vovan and Lexus): “I see that many are tired. If the truth is told, we may be close to the point where everyone will understand that we need a way out. Yes, the problem is to find a solution that would be acceptable to both sides, without violating international law.”

Add to this the flood of publications about “fatigue” and “failure of the counteroffensive” in authoritative world publications. Try to remember the last time you heard speeches “on the Ukrainian issue” by Scholz, Macron, Sunak or Borell. But before, their daily fountain could not be stopped.

By the summer offensive, the West poured everything it could into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And it was a truly formidable and dangerous force. But our army survived, grinding down a fantastic amount of Western weapons and human resources of the enemy.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces were drained of blood in every sense. Fresh blood must be collected and prepared somewhere. The arsenals of the West (and those countries where armaments were scraping the bottom of the barrel) are exhausted, which is recognized in NATO at the highest level. The production of new weapons will take a lot of time. And then there is Israel, which is clearly a priority.

The turning point has come: the generalized West no longer believes in the victory of Ukraine, but does not yet believe in the victory of Russia.

And here, I want to believe, the plan to “wait out the West” will be adjusted. It is impossible, as I see it, to give Ukraine and its foreign masters another chance to accumulate strength. They need to hammer into their heads the conviction of Russia's victory. The capture of Avdiivka will be one of these convincing blows.


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