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Real estate for Russians has ceased to be the most popular investment option

Lost interest in housing

Over the year, the potential interest of Russian residents in investing in apartments, dachas, offices, warehouses and other real estate fell from first to fourth place in the ranking of consumer preferences. The reason for this is the increase in the key rate to 15%. This is evidenced by the results of the latest online voting “Real Estate Market Indicators”.

Lost interest in housing

In the current situation, people prefer to put money on a deposit (according to the survey, 26%), purchase currency (20.7%) or bonds (17.2%). Only 16.8% of respondents are ready to buy real estate. We emphasize that this desire is hypothetical, expressed during the survey. In reality, Russians can simply keep their finances under their pillows and think about investing them only when sociologists ask them about it.

True, there is a small but unsurprising exception: an apartment in Moscow remains an eternal value. Every third (34%) of those who voted for the purchase of real estate admitted: I want to invest in housing in the capital. By a wide margin are: buying a house at a resort (13.8%), an apartment abroad (11.7%) and something commercial (10.3%), be it an office, warehouse, store, hotel, etc. .

However, even such a seemingly reliable asset as a Moscow apartment will not bring profit to those who invest in it. “According to our forecast, the cost of apartments on the secondary market of the Russian capital in the coming year may fall by at least 10 percent, both due to lower prices directly in advertisements and through bargaining,” comments Oleg Repchenko, head of the analytical center.

Well, for the majority of people who do not want to invest free money, but to solve the housing problem exclusively for their family, buying a home is still unaffordable.

— In the context of the Bank of Russia raising the key rate, it is necessary to maintain affordability mortgage loans for the population and set a ceiling on prices per square meter in new buildings,” suggests the general director of the development company, Alexander Pakholenko. — An increase in the key rate leads to increased demand for apartments, as Russians expect an increase in rates on basic mortgage programs. And the unjustified excitement, in turn, leads to an increase in prices for new buildings. The circle is closed.


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