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The expert spoke about the benefits of introducing AI into medicine

MOSCOW, November 1 Digitalization of healthcare and the introduction of artificial intelligence will reduce the need for personal visits to doctors, so by 2030, face-to-face visits to clinics may be halved, the development director predicts medical diagnostics platform Webiomed (company participating in the NTI Healthnet market) Alexander Gusev.
“The digital transformation of healthcare, the active implementation of artificial intelligence technologies and digital services for patients make it possible in some cases to replace the need for an in-person visit to a doctor with virtual care,” he said. Thus, it can be assumed that “face-to-face visits to clinics will be halved by 2030.”
At the same time, the introduction of digital services for patients, such as telemedicine consultations, chat bots, nutrition selection, symptom checkers, can also reduce the burden on medical organizations, especially in primary care, which, according to him, is important in the conditions staffing shortages and “burnout” of health workers.

“The use of digital technologies really improves the quality and efficiency of health workers’ work, and also has a positive effect on their mental health. AI systems can help doctors diagnose diseases, predict outcomes, recommend treatment, and provide rapid analysis of medical data in real time, thereby increasing efficiency delivery of medical care. Doctors need to prepare for the transformation of medicine with the help of AI and they need more knowledge to adapt to the new era,” Gusev added.

At the same time, he notes that the main obstacles to the implementation of information technologies, including AI, in this area are “conservatism and sometimes resistance from the medical community,” ethical issues and data confidentiality.
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