GENERICO.ruCrimeAbuses at Perm State Research University led to the death of five people, the Investigative Committee said

Abuses at Perm State Research University led to the death of five people, the Investigative Committee said

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PERM, November 2 The investigation of the criminal case against the ex-rector of the Perm State National Research University (PGNIU) and another three defendants accused of not providing a sufficient level of anti-terrorism protection for the university, which was attacked by mass murderer Timur Bekmansurov, reports the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee.
“The criminal investigation has been completed against the former rector of the Perm State National Research University Dmitry Krasilnikov, the former vice-rector Pavel Blus, the head of the university’s control department Mikhail Mukhachev and an employee of the Russian Guard Natalya Golovanova, who are accused of abuse of power,” the statement says.

According to the department, Krasilnikov, Blus and Mukhachev “did not provide a sufficient level of anti-terrorism protection for the university.” In it, according to a decree of the government of the Russian Federation, a warning system was to be installed in the event of an armed attack, including broadcasting instructions through loudspeakers for students and teachers about actions in an emergency – but only a warning system about actions in case of fire functioned. Investigators believe that Krasilnikov, Blus and Mukhachev, knowing about the existing shortcomings, drew up an inspection report and other necessary documents, in which they indicated that the university complied with anti-terrorism security requirements. And Golovanova, who conducted the inspection of the university, signed these documents.

As a result, when on September 20, 2021, an armed Bekmansurov came onto the territory of the university and freely opened fire on people, panic arose: students, trying to escape, hurriedly left the educational buildings, without indications of safe escape routes, they were forced, risking their lives and health, jump out of windows.
“Failure to comply with the requirements of anti-terrorism protection led to grave consequences, namely the murder of five people and infliction of bodily harm of varying degrees of severity to 34 people. The evidence collected during the investigation, including the situational assessment carried out, confirms that if there was an appropriate warning system for people who were at the university, victims of an armed attack would have a real opportunity to take refuge in a safe place,” the Investigative Committee adds.
The criminal case has been sent for approval of the indictment and subsequent transfer to court. Also, the Russian Investigative Committee sent proposals to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian National Guard on the need to comply with regulatory requirements for anti-terrorism security in educational institutions.
On the morning of September 20, 2021, first-year law student Timur Bekmansurov opened targeted fire from a gun on the territory of Perm State University, killing six people and injuring dozens (59 people were considered victims under the article “Attempted Murder”). The attacker was neutralized and detained by traffic police inspector Konstantin Kalinin. Bekmansurov was sentenced to life imprisonment, he fully admitted his guilt. In court, some victims stated that they were injured when they began to jump out of windows in fear after hearing shots in the building.

The rector of Perm State National Research University Krasilnikov resigned in February 2023, citing health reasons. After that, he headed the “Future of Parma” directorate, which deals with the construction of an interuniversity campus for 5 thousand places in Perm (federal project).
Krasilnikov graduated from the State University in 1993 and is a candidate of historical sciences. Headed the university in 2020.


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